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Our Story

Hey friend~ 

I'm Zein, it's awesome to see you here! 

I am a Believer in Christ who through my own life journey, now helps others to change their lives from unhealthy to healthy. :) 

I am a Mom to an amazing daughter who's an Air Force Officer and I myself am a Navy Veteran. 

I'm a business owner who takes my job very seriously, because I am helping people with their health, not just their fitness! 

Getting fit is not just about losing weight and looking better, it's so much deeper than that. 

To be truly fit, we must deal with the Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body aspects. 

We must address what is going on at the cellular metabolic level and really get to the roots of what is going on so that you can see lasting lifestyle changes... 

I help women through Holistic Health Coaching, Detoxification Counseling and Online or in Person Personal Training to get to the bottom of what is going on so that you can achieve the healthy life, body and spirit you desire! 

Online Personal Training has become the way of the world, allowing clients to access my programs from wherever they are! You can do my programs at home, in a gym or anywhere you like.

I incorporate Corrective & Functional Exercise, so that your body functions as God intends it to! 


I teach proper nutrition for the human body to detoxify and heal itself.

I am a

*NASM Certified Personal Trainer

*Specialist in Detoxification & Cellular Regeneration

*Specialist in Iridology 

*Holistic Health Coach

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