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NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

 ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

For years it has been my honor and passion to help people CHANGE their lifestyle, not just lose the weight 

only to gain it back!  



I believe this takes our mind, body and spirit to accomplish and I teach my clients to learn how to connect them! 


If you are ready to let go of ALL excuses, let's talk! 


I would love to help you find the new healthy you! 

My journey began when I was young, I have always had a love for health and fitness, but I did not always live a healthy lifestyle! (As seen in the pic to the left) 


In fact, for years I lived the exact opposite, drinking my sorrows away, eating myself to 180+ lbs and falling into years of deep depressions.​

My mindset was off and I was completely lost.

There had been much trauma in my life and it showed in how I lived my life...


Once God got a hold of me, I began years of growth to get to where I am today and I am so grateful to Him for it!


Today I am a 45 year old Personal Trainer & Health Coach!

I specialize in Weight Loss and Corrective Exercise.


I teach clients how to love their body through proper exercise so that they can exercise for a lifetime, rather than beating themselves up through improper exercise that can and most often will injure the body.


Exercise can hurt you more than help when it's done incorrectly and it's my job to help you individually, so that we can find what works best for you, both in mindset, diet and exercise routine.



Zein comes to your house, brings all of the equipment and works with you. 

My balance, posture, and strength and endurance has improved! 


She is positive encouraging and non judgemental. 

I like the fact that she arrives to you and so there are no excuses to get that work out done. YAY!!! 


The results are in.

My clothes are getting too big. 

I have lost 30 pounds with Zein.

Consistent work outs get results. 

I am half way to my goal. Woo hoo!!!



*Individual results may vary*

My beautiful clients all work extremely hard mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually to achieve their personal fitness goals.


Fitness begins with a mind set, whether you are a healthy individual looking to get fit or an individual who's experienced lifestyle changes due to illness or tragedy. 


The mind is where we find our success! 

I work with clients of all walks of life, from healthy to major illness.


Corrective exercise is a specialty of mine! 

I work with stroke victims, special populations clients ie: stroke victims, car wreck​s, major illness etc.


It is my joy to watch clients of all kinds find their new life, especially clients whom have had major lifestyle changes due to tragedy. 


There is nothing more wonderful than to see those clients be able to move more correctly and have easier lifestyles due to stronger muscles and cardiovascular systems.~


Zein S. Wafaie 

Spring Tx, 77386




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