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Welcome to, "Becoming Healthy & Fit With Z!"

A blog where you learn how to grow and become more fit & healthy in spirit, mind and body...

I'm so glad you're here! So who am I?

I'm a 50 year old Holistic Personal Trainer and Specialist in Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration! I also am a Specialist in Iridology...

But first and foremost, I am a believer in Christ! And my company is based on Christ centered principles...

I offer people Online Coaching and for those who are near me, we can do in person!

I am currently growing my online presence, including my Youtube Channel, where you will be able to see some vlogging!

I have amazing programs that help people learn how to Detox, lose weight, gain strength and even lessen pain.

I work with all ages and can work with men or women, but I specialize in Women 35 and up!

My goal is always to help you to get fit and healthy, spiritually first, emotionally and that leads to physical changes in the body...

We want healthy lifestyles that last, not just for a season!

I'm also a Navy Veteran, a Mommy and I'm from Colorado but currently reside in Texas!

I love to travel, love to read and always grow and learn and I look forward to sharing experiences with you!

Zein a Ftiness Trainer and Detox Coach helping people get fit and healthy online!
Zein helps you get Fit & Healthy, Spirit, Mind & Body!

We are given one body and one life by God and it's our own duty to care for and nurture our body, to keep it healthy, strong and to live our best life!

How Can I benefit From This Blog?

My blog is going to touch on all things health, fitness and wellness! I am extremely educated, but I have also lived a life full of hard knocks and gone through my own wellness journey and I plan to share some of that here!

You will hopefully grow in Spirit, Mind and Body as you explore my posts and gain tips, tricks and truths to help your own journey!

I look so forward to seeing more of you!

Whether you're here for Fitness Tips, Nutrition Tips, Detox Tips or Spiritual Growth, this blog will be for you, to help you on your wellness journey...

What would you like to see more of? Feel free to ask me a question here in the comments below or to make suggestions on what you'd like to see!

If you'd like a free Phone Consultation to consider working together, click below. :)

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