When Rejection Comes

Have you ever been rejected and were unsure as to why?

Perhaps you have wracked your brain trying to figure it out, but just could not come up with a reason and when you approach the person to try to make things right, you are yet rejected again, left without answers, feeling depleted and alone.

I think we have all had these times in our lives and when they come, it is really difficult to work through.

Something that God has taught me is that when humans reject you, don't see you for who you really are or hurt you, it's still up to us to work through the pain and find Him and His peace amidst that pain.

Rejection is something that we've all experienced and most likely have all done to someone else.

Rejection can be viewed as something that can destroy you or you can choose to use it to grow you!

I know that there have been times where I let it destroy me and it took years to overcome, with God's help.

There are still areas of human rejection that I have to work on often.

What I do know is that it's impossible to work on it outside of God.

Every time I've tried to, I still hold that pain and keep it to use as a tool to protect.

The best thing we can do is face the rejection, accept that it's happened and decided to forgive.

We are not forgiving for them, we forgive for ourselves. If you have done all you can to make amends and still end up rejected, pray for them and move forward, knowing that you did the right and holy thing.

Never allow satan to steal your joy or your identity through someone else's need to reject you!

For when we do that, it only leads to the loss of your identity in Christ and the gain of your identity in the world and that person's view of you.

Repent of course, be sure to clean your side of the plate, but once you have, give it to God.

Do whatever it takes to give it to Him and then go workout!

Go make a healthy snack, not grab a burger or chocolate.

Read the bible and pray and be still, feeling proud of your choice to do the healthy thing over the unhealthy...

Rejection does not define you, God defines you when you allow Him to~

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