What's Stealing Your Time?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Do you ever struggle with things in your life stealing your precious time?

I'm not talking about your daily tasks or must do's, but unexpected things that pop up, unannounced and unexpectedly! 

I find myself making some serious changes to my life lately, because there are specific things in my life that are interrupting my success in managing my time appropriately. 

All it takes is one little thing to happen to undo an entire section of my day or even my entire day! 

I have come to really dislike it, so I've decided to do something about it.

I believe strongly that one of satan's best tactics is to distract us and steal our time through stealing our focus! 

If he can manage to bring something or someone in to disrupt your time, he has managed to steal from you and cause havoc in your life. 

We have to be diligent to respect our own time, our own process and God when it comes to time management. 

Time stealers are not uncommon in life, so we have to do everything possible to have a plan of attack when they come. 

The only way we can be successful with time is to keep track of it.

I keep a calendar and have gotten more anal about doing so as years go by, because having a business requires so much of me. 

Calendar apps are a great way to keep yourself accountable! 

If something disrupts your day, you can clearly see it and reevaluate what your next plan is. 

At one point, my time was being stolen so frequently because I was allowing it to be. Things were stressful and draining me of my peace! 

The only way I have managed to gain some control of that situation is by gaining control of me! 

I have taken the initiative to make my calendar very precise and clear and I have done some praying about how I can better obey God in order to not have things shake me, steal my joy and peace and then steal my time. 

It really all boils down to us, our mindsets and our decisions. 

Sometimes we can't change what circumstances come in to your lives, but we can change us with God's help and that is what I work on daily! 

Focus on God, make Him your first priority and your time will begin to fall in to place because He will show you how He wants you to prioritize things.

Make a calendar and make it clear! 

Then keep that calendar as best you can, knowing that hiccups happen! 

Go with the flow and rearrange, not just throwing in the towel and wasting the day due to one hiccup. 

You will find a very wonderful sense of accomplishment as you see all that you've done every day! 

Blessings to your time as I know it's precious.

Remember, YOU are worth it! 

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What's Stealing Your Time?

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