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Detoxing Journeys Can Be Tough

Though I am a Holistic Personal Trainer/ Health Coach as well as a Specialist in Detoxification, I too am on my own healing journey!

Detoxing is not for the weak, in fact, it truly shows you just how strong you really are or aren't at times... Your Detox journey can be downright brutal at times...

Detoxing will begin to push all of the yuck inside of you, out! This can create not feeling well to become even more heightened than it already is.

You also have to be extremely diligent about your diet, for if you cheat at all, you stop the detoxification process!

For people who are serious about detoxing due to needing to for their sanity and health, it can be so difficult, because you can't eat the way others eat. This is how it is for me.

I can cheat, but not without the consequences! Bottom line, if you really want detoxing to occur, you must stay on track...

For me, I eat 90-95% raw with the exception of some olives and pickles!

When I cheat, it will be a salad bar and the dressing or perhaps potato salad will be the super cheat. But even then, foods from salad bars like peppers can be soaked in oils that will stop the detoxification process.

Fats in general make it difficult to detox!

Your symptoms will most likely get worse through your detox and you can begin feeling much worse, that said, you will hopefully also see some changes that are positive!

For me, I notice a decrease in pain, which is golden! I also notice the ability to smell coming back as the mucus begins to lessen! My swollen lymph-nodes begin to decrease as well, which is such a gift because those can be painful.

I also can tell in my urine that I have better flow that is more powerful, allowing me to empty my bladder more and I can see more sediment which means the kidneys are happier!

If you begin having more mucus or cold or flu like symptoms, count it all joy because that means your body is doing it's job and beginning to try to detox!

It's just your body's way to trying to rid itself of what doesn't belong, that's how God designed it... So wonderful really...

Our body should be detoxing every day all day as we encounter things all day every day, and when it doesn't, that is when things can go awry. Caring for your temple involves eating correctly for optimum health, exercising and meditating on God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, creating that intimacy with them so that you can have a strong identity in Christ that will nourish your spirit, soul and body...

Are you on your own healing journey? Hopefully this helps.~

lemon squeezed into greens for detox
Detox journey

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