Covid Is A Jerk! Here's What I Did To Recover~

Hello friends!

It's been one hell of a year for me, I am sorry I have not written in so long.

So much has been going on this year, and for me 2021 has been far more rough than 2020.

This post is specific to Covid! We experienced this evil bug in July. I was sick in July and half of August.

I had Covid as well as pneumonia. It about killed me, if I am being completely straight forward.

I found myself sicker than I have ever been in my entire life. I cared for my sick husband for 5 days prior to myself becoming deathly ill.

I was in bed sick for 7 days straight before we knew I had covid. I had aches through my joints and body like I had never experienced before! So painful that I just wanted to scream! My fever was low grade most of the time, but it felt as though it was super high. After the 7 days, I knew that I was getting worse.

My body felt as though it was dying and I was losing weight daily. I found myself unable to breathe far worse on that 7th day and ended up in the emergency room. This is where I found out I had covid and pneumonia. Now, my husband and I both had taken a covid blood test already a week prior and both came back negative! How's that for concerning?

It was a tough pill to swallow, but I knew in my heart that I had covid. Why? I could not taste or smell and I was so so sick... The hospital was little help, they gave me many of the wrong meds. Thankfully I have a family member that is in the medical field who was able to prescribe the ivermectin as well as get me meds for breathing treatments!

This was the beginning of 3 more weeks of hell... But, I began to slowly heal and today I am so grateful!

At one point in my journey, I truly told The Lord that I wanted Him to just take me home. I was having so much stress in life on top of being so sick and I just felt ready to go home with Him.

He didn't take me, so I trust His plan and am here to hopefully help others! I believe there's a reason I didn't die and one of them is because I genuinely live such a healthy lifestyle. Outside of stress, I truly eat great and exercise regularly. The docs in the emergency room were puzzled because it was clear I could not breathe, but my oxygen levels were fairly high! The lowest I got was when the ambulance came another time after the hospital experience and they still had me in the low 90's.

The docs chock it up to my living a healthy lifestyle and so do I!

I believe the reason it hit me so hard is because I have had gut health issues for many years that I have been trying to fix, but have not been fully successful. Guys, your gut is key! If your gut is not ok, your immune system isn't ok...

The objective of Covid is to destroy you and take you out, so please don't fear, but know that it's a war and only you can fight it, with God! I genuinely knew my body was trying to die...

I had many weird and odd things happen, but one horrific thing was my gums and teeth. During the illness and weeks after, my gums seemed to recede and the pain I felt during brushing was horrible!

It felt like the feeling when you accidentally get tin foil stuck on a tooth... Have you ever had that feeling happen? It was all over my mouth! I almost could not brush...

As a Trainer and Health Coach, I have smartly allowed my body to recover and built myself up slowly.

You can not do this fast. You have to allow your body to go at it's own pace! I began walking daily, starting with 10 minutes, which was all I could handle. I now walk nearly an hour and am working out a few times a week doing resistance training!

Some days are better than others. Some days I end up needing an inhaler shot after or during a workout, but it's rare. I don't usually use it, but once in a while, I end up needing it. So odd! Makes no sense, but it's the truth...

Covid and pneumonia about took me out, and if you're in the same boat, I suggest that you do not allow this to win! Do not come out of this the same way you went in. If you're unhealthy going in, come out changing your lifestyle to a healthier one! I can absolutely help you!

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am a Fitness Trainer & Health Coach Certified!)

I took the following every day during and after illness:


Vitamin D both from sun and supplement



Vitamin C in Lemon water form

Vitamin E

Vitamin B


I also ate veggies when I ate to try to keep my immune system from getting worse and not feed disease.

Any foods that you eat that don't supply the body with nutrients can hinder the body from healing, that said, some can eat whatever and do alright!

I got my feet in the grass for grounding purposes. It helps raise the frequency of your body! The earth is our friend!

I read God's word often and prayed a lot. He was my rock and best friend. I felt very alone and He took care of me. I pray for those who feel as I felt.

If you are dealing with this now, I hope this helps. There is hope and you can make it. I pray for your safety and the safety of your family. If you need help recovering from the illness due to muscle loss etc, I can help you and would love to be a part of your journey!

Visit my website at and contact me.

Believe you will be ok! Everything starts in the mind and for me, though I wanted to go be with Jesus, I knew it probably wasn't my time and am very grateful for that! Don't give in to the lies from hell, conquer it and come out healthier than when you went in!

Blessings and love to you all.~

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