Could My Gut Be The Reason I can't Lose Weight?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I have always had a sense in my intuition/spirit that the hype about, "Gut Health," was legitimate! 

I have come to realize more and more that indeed this is absolutely the case! 

Here are a few symptoms that you may have that can tell you if your gut is not ok and after I explain those, I will then explain how that is related to your inability to lose weight and or gain muscle mass.

   *Never feeling hydrated


   *Sinus Congestion all the time

   *Ringing in ears

   *Diarrhea and or constipation 

   *Acid Reflux or Gerd

   *Teeth Grinding

   *Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep 

   *Inability to gain muscle mass 

   *Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

   *Always feeling hungry 

   *Always feeling lethargic

   *Dizzy spells and Vertigo 

   *Psoriasis and Skin Issues 

   *Feeling sick and feverish, even without presence of a fever

   *Not absorbing nutrients that you consume

   *Depression & anxiety

These are literally just a few of the things I have experienced with my gut issues... 

These are real, they are not something you're making up and it's something that has taken me years of research and trial and error to figure out what was happening to me. 

I knew that I had an overall sense of never feeling well and I could not pin point why. 

I would go to the Dr. and they would chase the symptoms, but I would never feel better and often feel worse. 

I finally gave up on medicine years ago and only take it when necessary. 

I now start with natural homeopathic herbs and practices before I just run to a Dr. 

This journey for me is not yet over, but I have been able to get down to more of the root causes. 

So, what do you do if you have these symptoms?

First you can indeed go get a blood test done to see if you have parasites present or even the dreaded H-Pylori or both! 

Most people have some type of parasite living in them and it's said that 80% of the population carries H-Pylori in their gut.

For some people it manifests in to something down the road and worsens, but for some it never does. 

If it does, your life is sure to become very difficult. 

Both H-Pylori and Parasites take all of your nutrients that you eat and eat it before you can gain any nutrients in to your body. 

They dehydrate you as well! 

So your body is depleted, no matter what you do or ingest. 

I am one of the healthiest people I know and for years could not figure out why I wasn't getting my nutrients... 

Now I know! 

I was fighting bugs and they were winning! 

When these microbes and parasites are present, a conventional Dr. will often put you on an antibiotic and a proton inhibitor. 

Now please know that I am not a Dr. nor do I claim to be one. 

I am a Health Coach and Personal Trainer who knows some stuff! 

Proton Inhibitors are designed to lower your stomach acids. 

Ironically, H-Pylori's main job is to lower your stomach acids! 

So why would we purposely give them an environment to make themselves at home in our bodies??? 

If you follow the Dr's that believe in natural medicine as well as western, you will see that they are 100% against proton inhibitors! 

My 2 day bout with that drug was enough to make me know that I will NEVER take them again! 

They are counter productive... 

So how does all of this keep you fat?

I'm so glad you asked! 

By depleting your body of all of it's nutrients, it takes your immune system down and wreaks havoc in your body! 

The body then begins fighting itself and the bugs. 

The bugs eventually cause problems all throughout the body, even hormonal issues! 

So a woman may think she's hormonal when in fact, the bugs are just changing her hormones by doing their nasty work! 

You may experience sinus issues and think you need medication, when in fact it's the bugs creating a barrier so that they can live there... 

It's the same with fat cells. 

The body is under stress and it will hold on to that fat, whether it's real fat or just water weight and your muscles can not build mass because the bugs are taking all of your proteins and amino acids from you! 

Finally, you are not hydrated and your adrenals are overwhelmed which also causes weight gain or inability to lose weight! 

What In The World Can I do If I discover I have these?

At this point I feel I can write a book and if God leads me, I will! 

But for now I will just share with you that the first step is to stay calm, pray about what God wants you to do first. 

Everything in our body that is not according to God's word, (Sickness, disease and infirmity) are not of God. 

That said, at times He will allow it to humble us and I know that is why I have been down this road. 

Sometimes we harbor things in our body like bitterness or don't forgive and that opens a door to satan to attack.

Perhaps I have been here to help others know the truth and get to the bottom of why they feel like absolute crap! 

Either way, once you have prayed and have the ok to move on to a cleanse or seeking medical help, just know that God is the ultimate Dr! 

I fully believe part of my journey in not being fully healed has been my mindset being off.