After you have hired Zein as a Health and Wellness Coach, the first step to changing your health and fitness lifestyle is to believe that you are worth the effort, time and dedication it will take. 

When we do not believe we are valuable, we do not take the steps necessary to make the changes needed. 


Perhaps you do not believe it and that is okay, because you just have to decide to believe. Sounds hard, but it's a daily choice by faith.

We must first make the decision in faith to believe we are worth it, even if we do not know what is ahead or how we will achieve the desired goal of weight loss, gained strength or changes to diet.


If you struggle in this area, remember that God designs  our minds to think healthy thoughts and to grow and change in His strength as well as He designs our bodies to move, to work and to grow and change in positive ways.


We are designed to love and designed to be in constant contact with Him so that we have the motivation to work hard, play hard and rest when necessary. 


It really all begins with our beliefs.

Do you believe?

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What Does Hatred

Do To Us?

Daily Bible Verse 


Reading the Word of God daily will help you to get your mind, heart and spirit healthy so that your body can follow!

Stop by Train With Zein every day to get your daily dose of spiritual nutrition! 


"​My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever."

Psalm 73:26