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Zein's Story


I'm a Colorado born girl who has lived in Texas for the past 16 years...

I miss my mountains & fresh air, but am very grateful for my experience in Texas!

My journey began when I was young, I have always had a love for health and fitness, but I did not always live a healthy lifestyle!


In fact, for years I lived the exact opposite, drinking my sorrows away, eating myself to 180+ lbs and falling into years of deep depressions.​

My mindset was off and I was completely lost.

There had been much trauma in my life and it showed in how I lived my life...


Once God got a hold of me, I began years of growth to get to where I am today and I am so grateful to Him for it!


Today I am a 46 year old Personal Trainer & Health Coach!

I specialize in Weight Loss and Corrective Exercise.


I teach clients how to love their body through proper exercise and nutrition so that they can exercise for a lifetime, rather than beating themselves up through improper exercise that can and most often will injure the body.


Exercise can hurt you more than help when it's done incorrectly and it's my job to help you individually, so that we can find what works best for you, both in mindset, diet and exercise routine.

Melinda's Story

Zein comes to your house, brings all of the equipment and works with you. 

My balance, posture, and strength and endurance has improved! 


She is positive encouraging and non judgemental. 

I like the fact that she arrives to you and so there are no excuses to get that work out done. YAY!!! 


The results are in.

My clothes are getting too big. 

I have lost 30 pounds with Zein.

Consistent work outs get results. 

I am half way to my goal. Woo hoo!!!



*Individual results may vary*

Ann's Story


Edward's Story 

Zein made getting in shape easy and stayed engaged with me through the whole process. 


Making sure I was staying on track on down days and prepping for the week. 

As a guy I wanted something that would push me and leave me with that feeling “pumped” after a good workout.


Zein did that and more with the custom workout she designed for me.


There’s been no pulled muscles or small injuries probably due to the stretching and rolling that she’s incorporated into my workouts.


Love using her app and easy to follow videos and techniques.


Thanks to her dedication and training, I have lost 75 lbs and feel great! 



*Individual results may vary*


Tenley's Story

Zein is an outstanding personal trainer! She takes a measured partnership approach to coaching and developing strength and overall wellness.


I have seen so much incredible change in my body, very quickly, through her sustainable programs!


She takes such a personal interest in my physical, spiritual well being and is an amazing mentor and coach.


I also love that she has created a virtual space (with the easiest app!) so I can work out with her on video 6 days a week from the comfort of my home.


It makes it so easy for me to be able to reach my goals without having to worry about childcare or a commute.


The app is so neat - great for accountability and also, she demonstrates and can personalize each segment of the session.


Best decision for my health was to invest in having her guide me and lend her expertise!


*Individual results may vary*

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Nicole's Story

So I have been struggling to lose weight for quite some time.

I also have injuries that sometimes make working out difficult.


Zein spent a lot of time talking to me about my injuries and working out a program that fit my needs and my injuries.


In a month I have seen strength gains and inches lost. More importantly she is the motivation you need to keep going.


She is compassionate and passionate about what she does and it reflects directly into the workouts she designs.


In our new virtual world, she really stands out and focuses her attention to make you feel like you are her top priority.


If you really want to see some great results then I HIGHLY recommend working with Zein. She truly is the real deal!


*Individual results may vary*

Kara's Story 

Thank you for helping me make so much progress. 


I am in the best shape I have ever been in thanks to you!


You really motivated and taught me how to work out properly. 

Thank you so much!



*Individual Results May Vary*


Tracee's Story


Julie's Story

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with Zein! 

She is encouraging, positive, and professional. 


I didn't know if I would enjoy working out in my own home, but it turns out, I love the convenience and my workouts are as thorough and challenging as when I have gone to the gym. 


At this point in my life, my knees are not what they used to be, and Zein is very careful to avoid injury, always checking in with me to see how I am feeling.


I am noticing improvements in strength, balance, and focus, in both mind and body. 

​Zein is a wonderful trainer and coach!​



*Individual results may vary*

Zein has been working me out for several months and I highly recommend her.

 My goals were to lose weight and get back into shape.


Zein has not only helped me reach these goals, but has pushed me farther that I thought I could go. 


She keeps the work outs fun and intense and never boring. 


She is very aware of your body and how not to cause injury!

She is punctual and has been flexible with our scheduled times. 


Zein has even kept me motivated by sending me encouraging messages when I was on vacation. 


My husband says I look great! 

Can't want to see what we accomplish in the next few months. 



*Individual results may vary*


Roxanne's Story

Zein is amazing!​ I have had bad one on one experiences in the past.

This trainer is top notch!


She arrives with a plan, her attention is laser focused and your goals are met under her watch.


She is very mindful of safety and shows you how to get a good workout without injury. You definitely want to train with Zein!



*Individual results may vary*


Patty's Story

When I met Zein I had a back surgery and a shoulder surgery from a full Rotator cuff tear.

 So needless to say after surgery two years in a row I was out of shape. 


She came to my home twice a week and worked with me and helped me overcome physical challenges.


 I went for a physical two years after working out with her and the inflammation in my body had dropped in half I had gained muscle and lost fat. 

My chances of heart disease also dropped. 

My core was stronger and I wasn’t in as much pain.


Zein is very professional and knowledgeable. She is a wonderful person. And a great trainer. She gave me encouragement and I looked forward to working out. 


Believe me I need that encouragement.

I honestly know she helped me to live a healthier lifestyle . 

My doctor said to keep up whatever I was doing it was having amazing results.



*Individual results may vary*

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